Objectives & Impacts

The project has set four high-level objectives to acheive its goal of ensuring safe Long Term Operation and to maximise the impact of key results.
objective 1

To address the remaining gaps and issues preventing the LTO of European nuclear power plants (NPPs) beyond 60 years.

objective 2

To validate prediction tools and surveillance test methods for increased durability assessment accuracy and safe LTO.

objective 3

To transfer knowledge from retiring experts to the next generation of nuclear scientists by training and educating young researchers.

objective 4

To disseminate findings and conduct outreach activities to maximize the impact of project results and pave the way for safe LTO in Europe.


Large amounts of quantitative mechanical and microstructural data concerning ageing mechanisms will fill existing research gaps and enable accurate LTO evaluation.


Tools, systems and practices developed and improved will enable the safe operation of nuclear power plants operating beyond their lifetimes.


The project will support the development of standards, comply with the Nuclear Safety Directive and reinforce safety features of Generation II and III nuclear reactors.

SAFETY & EDUcation

Safety will increase with a greater understanding of ageing mechanisms and this knowledge will be transferred to a new generation of nuclear scientists and staff of nuclear institutions through education and training.


The LTO of existing NPPs will directly contribute to the achievement of intermediate decarbonisation targets as we approach 2050.


New knowledge of ageing mechanisms will drive growth, increase competitiveness and create opportunities enabling European excellence and research expertise.