Public deliverables and scientific publications produced by the project will be available here. 

D1.1 A report on influence of high fluence irradiation on tensile properties of RPV steels and effectiveness of annealing in PWR and VVER 1000 steels – COMING SEPTEMBER 2022

D1.2 Report on influence of high fluence irradiation on DBTT properties of RPV steels – COMING MARCH 2023

D1.3 A report on master curve testing results of Charpy and half-thick Charpy specimens from LYRA-10 – COMING SEPTEMBER 2023

D2.1 Report on the state of-the-art of small specimen use – COMING SEPTEMBER 2021

D2.3 Report on results obtained from SPT specimens – COMING SEPTEMBER 2022

D2.4 Report on results obtained from supplementary tests – COMING SEPTEMBER 2023

D2.5 Final report on small specimen results including best practices and lessons learned from small specimen technique – COMING AUGUST 2024

D3.1 Full characterisation of the initial microstructure – COMING SEPTEMBER 2022

D3.2 Full characterization of the irradiated microstructure – COMING DECEMBER 2023

D3.4 Correlation with mechanical properties and identification of synergetic effects of Ni, Mn and Si – COMING JUNE 2024

D4.1 Report on the state-of-the-art on existing ETEs – COMING SEPTEMBER 2022

D4.2 Applicability of existing ETE to embrittlement results in LYRA-10 – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D4.3 Evaluation of consistency of test results from Lyra-10 irradiation with existing ETE for tested materials (VVER-1000 welds and PWR steels) and their possible extension beyond 60 years of operation – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D5.1 Report on factors affecting fracture toughness at high fluences and selection of suitable materials/methods for analysis of high-fluence materials – COMING SEPTEMBER 2023

D5.2 Report on determined lower boundary fracture toughness curve for high-fluence materials – COMING MARCH 2024

D5.3 Report on the analysis showing the correlation between conventional TK shifts from Charpy testing and T0 values from sub-size specimens – COMING MARCH 2024

D5.4 Report on modelling methods used to predict FT results of mini-CT specimen before/after high fluence irradiation – COMING APRIL 2024

D5.5 Evaluation of MC suitability for high-fluence miniature specimens – COMING JULY 2024

D6.3 Report on dissemination WSs (final one) – COMING APRIL 2024

D6.4 Report on summer school holding – COMING JUNE 2024

D6.9 Final report on WP6 activities – COMING JULY 2024