Public deliverables and scientific publications produced by the project will be available here. 

D1.2 Report on influence of high fluence irradiation on DBTT properties of RPV steels – COMING SOON

D1.3 A report on master curve testing results of Charpy and half-thick Charpy specimens from LYRA-10 – COMING SOON

D2.3 Report on results obtained from SPT specimens – COMING SOON

D2.4 Report on results obtained from supplementary tests – COMING SOON

D2.5 Final report on small specimen results including best practices and lessons learned from small specimen technique – COMING AUGUST 2024

D3.2 Full characterization of the irradiated microstructure – COMING DECEMBER 2023

D3.4 Correlation with mechanical properties and identification of synergetic effects of Ni, Mn and Si – COMING JUNE 2024

D4.1 Report on the state-of-the-art on existing ETEs – COMING SOON

D4.2 Applicability of existing ETE to embrittlement results in LYRA-10 – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D4.3 Evaluation of consistency of test results from Lyra-10 irradiation with existing ETE for tested materials (VVER-1000 welds and PWR steels) and their possible extension beyond 60 years of operation – COMING SEPTEMBER 2024

D5.1 Report on factors affecting fracture toughness at high fluences and selection of suitable materials/methods for analysis of high-fluence materials – COMING SOON

D5.2 Report on determined lower boundary fracture toughness curve for high-fluence materials – COMING MARCH 2024

D5.3 Report on the analysis showing the correlation between conventional TK shifts from Charpy testing and T0 values from sub-size specimens – COMING MARCH 2024

D5.4 Report on modelling methods used to predict FT results of mini-CT specimen before/after high fluence irradiation – COMING APRIL 2024

D5.5 Evaluation of MC suitability for high-fluence miniature specimens – COMING JULY 2024

D6.3 Report on dissemination WSs (final one) – COMING APRIL 2024

D6.4 Report on summer school holding – COMING JUNE 2024

D6.9 Final report on WP6 activities – COMING JULY 2024


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Presentations & Procedings

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Kolluri, M., Influence of Ni-Mn contents on the embrittlement of PWR RPV model steels irradiated to high fluences,  International Group on Radiation Damage Mechanisms in pressure vessel steels (IGRDM) conference, 9-14 Oct 2022 in Monterey, CA, US.

Naziris, F., Balázs, H., Frith, F. J., Bregman, H.H.S.P., Kolluri, M., Master curve evaluation using miniature C(T) specimens as part of a round robin program within the STRUMAT-LTO project, NuMat 2022, 24 – 28 October 2022, Ghent, Belgium.

Laot, M., Naziris, F., Bakker, T., D’Agata, E., Martin, O., Kolluri, M., Effectiveness of thermal annealing in recovery of tensile properties of compositionally tailored PWR model steels irradiated in LYRA-10, NuMat 2022, 24 – 28 October 2022, Ghent, Belgium.