Consortium meeting held in March 2022


STRUMAT-LTO project held remotely its bi-annual Consortium meeting from 21-22 March 2022. The key note lecturers were the Coordinators of STRUMAT-LTO sister projects – ENTENTE and FRACTESUS. These two projects investigate RPV steels in nuclear plants, and both Coordinators participated in the STRUMAT-LTO Consortium meeting. Marta Serrano from CIEMAT (Coordinator of ENTENTE) and Tomasz Brynk from SCK CEN (Coordinator of FRACTESUS) presented their projects to more than 40 participants and discussed the interconnections and links among the three projects.

The Consortium meeting was an opportunity for the entire consortium to discuss the project progress, review the list of risks, think of mitigation measures, and plan for the upcoming Periodic Report. The Scientific Coordinator gave an overview of the project. He thanked all the partners for showing a big dedication to the project – the project has no delays, despite that its first 18 months were marked with Covid-19 pandemics. All the planned deliverables and milestones were achieved on time: 10 deliverables and 8 milestones. The Scientific Coordinator also mentioned special gratitude to the colleagues from Ukraine who, despite the war, maintained regular communication with the team and prepared the reporting. The war in Ukraine still remains a risk to the project that needs to be regularly assessed.

The next Consortium meeting will be held in October 2022.

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