STRUMAT-LTO Dissemination Workshop


The first STRUMAT-LTO dissemination workshop aims to present the main results of the project.

In a conference format the STRUMAT-LTO partners will present a series of papers that cover the most important issues and results after three years. To conclude the workshop, young researchers will be given the opportunity to present their research on the following topics: 

  • Surveillance testing and high fluence embrittlement data for LTO > 60 years
  • Miniature test methods for RPV integrity assessment: Experiments and models
  • Advanced microstructural characterization: Synergetic effects of Ni, Mn and Si on RPV embrittlement at high fluences
  • Embrittlement trend curves for LTO > 60 years: Challenges and new developments
  • Master curve versus Charpy testing for RPV integrity assessment
  • Remaining issues and advanced strategies for LTO > 60 years (topics like annealing and NDT can be pooled here)

If you are a young researcher interested in presenting apply to the available travel grants to participate. The terms and conditions are available here.  

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