STRUMAT-LTO Second Dissemination Workshop


The second STRUMAT-LTO dissemination workshop aimed at presenting the overall results of the project, will take place on July 2-3, 2024, in the magnificent old city of Budapest.

During the workshop, a series of presentations will cover the project’s testing and researching results, highlighting the achievements and innovations of STRUMAT-LTO over the past four years. Young researchers, PhD students, postdocs, and other stakeholders attending the workshop will gain valuable insights on:

–   High fluence embrittlement behavior of RPV steel for LTO > 60 years

–   Miniature test methods for RPV integrity assessment

–   Experiments and models for RPV integrity assessment

–   Synergetic effects of Ni, Mn and Si on RPV embrittlement at high fluences

–  Embrittlement trend curves for LTO > 60 years

–  Challenges and new developments, etc.

If you are interested in participating and gaining valuable information in the field of reactor pressure vessel materials behavior under embrittlement and Long Term Operation justifications, this is an excellent opportunity. Moreover, you can apply for a mobility grant to attend, but please note that grants are limited; terms and conditions are available below

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